Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oops, Been a while.

I was kinda worried that I would do this, A bit like a dairy where you fill in all the peoples birthdays and start writing for the first couple of days and then leave it.
It has been a quiet week as still off work.  I went to the hospital and my Blows (lung capacity) is the best it has been for years.  I had to admit defeat to the CF doctor & CF Nurse that it was right for me to stay in hospital the full two weeks.  It was difficult to admit that to them.

I had my granddads funeral yesterday.  It was lovely.  The person leading the service was somebody I knew when I was child.  When I was growing up I used to stay with my Granddad and Grandma during the summer.  One of their neighbours had two kids a boy Damien who was two years older, and a girl Charlotte who was two years younger.  We used to do all sorts of things during the summer when I was there.  Their mother lead the Funeral which was lovely as they had travelled from Exeter to Stafford specifically for this. Charlotte had come up as well as a younger brother who i mistook for Damien.  It was lovely to see her and her Mom again.  My last memory of her was running across a pebble beach, I was complaining it hurt my feet, she legged it across like no tomorrow. :)  She is now a stunning looking woman.
The readings really described my Granddad to a tee.  Even at 87 he still was a child.  He had a playful mentality.  I think I have inherited this from him.  He was always a salesman and put everybody he came into contact with at ease and always had fun.  The service was lovely.  The hymns were all sang which was pleasant and so unusual to man church services I have been to for Weddings / christenings and funerals.  I'm also thankful he passed away with no pain.

I have been busy buying lots of Blu-Rays for new TV over the past week.  Including a couple of films I had on DVD.
Unfortunately a fairly quiet blog post as not much happens whilst sat at home.

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