Friday, January 06, 2012

Release from Hospital

OK.  Didn't update this yesterday.

I had been chatting to N again the night before.  She said that I can no longer speak to her at night time, as this is upsetting C.  He is a cock.  She is practically living with him.  He is giving her hassle for me being in her life.    Ah well. 

As I previously said I have been in hospital for 2 weeks.  The doc's said I could go home depending on my blows (Lung function test).  I did them, and they were drastically improved but still someway off my usual.  Didn't see the docs after that until Thursday late morning.  The docs came round and said either stay in for another week or go home.  As I felt 1000 times better than the previous week I think it is time to go home.  So good stuff I can go home, on steriods and oral antibitotics.  So I asked the ward staff for Sick note and TTA's.  Usual ward clark did her usual shitty job of not wanting to do anything, I had to ask her 4 times for sick note.  She was more interested in gassing with her mates as usual.
My old psycologist came to visit whilst I was waiting for stuff's.  Had a nice chat with her, explained about relationship with N, and latest developments with EW.
 Eventually left the hospital, it was extremely nice to leave hospital and not be on IV's.  Did shopping and then back home.
Back home cats had done a Pooh on the carpet, plus obviously have taken to weeing by the front door.  Grrrr.  Was going to go and get a takeway, when I went to collect parcels.  But was to tired, and not particularly hungry.  Sat down watched some stuff on new TV, played on XBOX and then went to bed about 9:30.  I put my new Star Trek Voyager DVD on TV, started to drift off but then woke up.  Couldn't sleep after that.  I remember hearing one of the cats scratching a door about 4am, went down she had wee'd on the carpet, so gave her a slap and booted her out. 
Must have been about 5am before I slept  :(  woke up about 9:30, phone didn't work and a massive headache.
Grabbed new parcels, set up small hub next to TV.  Now bored.  Still got a headache and I'm tired, but fancy doing something.  The house is a bomb site.  Need to clean up, remove boxes and clean up cat wee.
Haven't heard from N last night or today.  I do worry about her.  I shouldn't as she has made it clear she doesn't want to be with me, however she never leaves my thoughts.  At the moment, it feels like I am always contacting her and the contact is not reciprocated.   So I will try hard not to speak to her.  This will be hard, as if I haven't heard from her before 5pm I will not hear from her till next week (probably if I contact her). 
I really need to make sure I meet somebody new in 2012.  Need to get my thoughts towards somebody who will appreciate them.

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