Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy new year

My last post was whilst I was waiting for my TTO's to be done so I can leave hospital.  Things have been fairly crappy since then.
On the Monday I went to visit the physiotherapist who said that the huge pain I have been getting in my ankle is due to Flat feet,   who knew?

When I got back my cat who I have had for 12 years was struggling to breath,  his breathing was clearly strained and was taking his whole body to take one breath, so took him to the vet on Monday   they x-rayed and said that he had a growth behind his larynx which was obstructing his airways.  He suggested either putting him to sleep or getting a second opinion so i went with the option of a second opinion, so he spent the night in an oxygen chamber.  Unfortunately this is the last time I saw him.

The vet kept him in overnight, and then had him on the operating table the next morning.   they couldn't put a pipe down his throat due to the growth but when they did his sats and breathing improved drastically. They could have referred him to a specialist but this would have cost megabucks.  so had to make the decision for the vet to turn him off there and then and not wake up from being asleep.  It was a horrible decision as he was my 'boy'  every time I needed affection or a cuddle he would be there.  He loved be snuggled up to me on the bed.  In the house his sister has taken to looking for him and the others go outside for 2-3 minutes at a time presumably to find him :(

so after Felix went the house went very quiet, he was a vocal cat.

CF nurse came out to the house at the end of my IV course.  My blows had improved a long way and was the best in 12 months. Great stuff thinks me a nice Christmas ahead. After I came off the IV's my body went through a almost cold turkey type feelings,  it was missing something, the only thing that changed was stopping IV's.  then my joints started locking up which wasn't fun.

Just before Friday before Christmas the boiler broke,  Called BG as we have cover with them, they came out that day knowing that both of in the house are disabled and the cold was badly affecting my joints. They then came out Christmas eve  and couldn't fix it, then two engineers on Christmas day, who couldn't fix it, then the Friday after Christmas and still couldn't fix it, eventually referring to the Boiler manufacturer.  British Gas get a lot of stick but they really bent over to get the boiler fixed,  although they couldn't they really tried, just a shame we had all the bank holidays otherwise it would have been done a lot earlier.

Whilst the heating was out we drove down to Sussex for a couple of days,  hoping to visit the in-laws and some friends of girlfriend to deliver Christmas gifts.

Unfortunately two called off due to being ill and the other (my friend) decided to come up the following day to stay at ours for a couple of days so not really worth while.  So we had 26 hours with the in-laws, which was pretty nice, just a shame my GF was feeling unwell.  whilst there we saw her step brother and his kids who had  cold.
We get back home to a cold house on Thursday evening,  we were both knackered.  Friday came with BG engineer failing to fix boiler and then started feeling pooh.  The next day I woke with a massive headcold and a nasty cough.  Boiler got fixed and then sunday I felt worse,  so came into hospital on New Years eve.  It was a quiet new year.

In hospital I am struggling to sleep, struggling to eat,  I'm dehydrated.  and feel really bad.  I didn't do my blows that day due to coughing.  On Wednesday I did them with the physio,  they was the worst they have ever been due to me coughing.  Done them today (sunday) and they are very slightly up.  just over half what they are normally.  :(

So its now Sunday,  day 6 of IV's  I doubt I will be home for at least a week.

Happy new year all.