Tuesday, January 10, 2012

ExWife Strikes again

After writing yesterdays post, I decided to go to bowling practice last night.

So just before I left I received a text from ExWife telling me to call her.  So give her a call.  'Can you take me to hospital?'  No is my reply as I was going out.  'Ok Bye' was the reply.

I don't want to take her to the hospital as a, she will then 100% of seen my car (she probably already has, but still don't really want her to see it), b, we finally split almost 18 months.  It has been almost 2 years since everything went pear shaped.  c, I would get zero thanks or appreciation for taking her.

1 min later she calls me back (big surprise as she doesn't call me, always expects me to call her back), 'If you can't take me to the hospital then drop £20 over to get a taxi.  Now I know she chooses not to work, and that she still smokes.  If she is that short of £20 then she shouldn't smoke as this costs £6+ per day.  (it is £6+ as I had to always buy Fags for her as she would always end up spending £10-20 in the shop when getting Fags).I certainly cannot afford that.  She said I could get the money back on thrusday, but that would involve seeing her twice in one week, plus the last time she borrowed money off me, I lent her £100, which she promised faithfully to get back the following week. Two weeks later she hadn't repaid me and then wanted to borrow another £150.  Every month or so I asked for the money with no reply.  That was until she wanted to get the divorce petition in.  my reply was that I needed her money back.  This went backwards and forwards, with her threatening me, until I broke down at the doctors, and then she asked if I wouldn't put the divorce in until I got the money back.  From that moment she then lied and said that I had given her the money.  and keeps that lie today.

I pointed out that I hadn't received the previous money back, which she said I gave her the previous cash.  This then ended up as a slanging match with her saying that i ruined her life, and me saying that I was stuck with all the debts from our marriage.  she then started bringing up all the issues of when she thought that I was seeing somebody else at the end of the marriage.  The person she refers to I have never called / met / spoke to.  Only had text communication via facebook chat or text message.  ( I have recently got back in touch with the woman through facebook).  She started trying to detail everything that I did back in May 2009!  Even though she has met somebody else and is planning to get married this year she says she is still going over everything everyday!!  Then she came out with that I needed to pay for everything I have done to her, and I have got off with everything.  She kinda misses the £60k debts above the value of the assets that she isn't paying.  Without the house been sold this will take me 20 years to pay off at current pay rates.  This doesn't help with me needing to cut hours at work.
I pointed out to her on the call that She only cares for herself, which she agreed, and the only reason she ever contacted me was when she wanted anything.  And that in her mind the only person who is ill is herself, despite her rarely being in hospital, she never keeps to any treatment, and for me If I don't keep to treatment I end up in hospital, I am registered disabled, yet in her mind nothing is wrong.
After this I was pretty wound up, text N, called my mom, and then called her Aunt to hopefully get her to talk some sense into her.  Explained that I couldn't physically or financially help her out.  Well actually I could but don't see why I should. I wanted to say - We have separated. We are almost divorced.  (I have paid her for the final decree absolute, but pretty sure she hasn't put it in)  She can't keep relying on me. 

So after bowling I was pretty concerned and expected to be woken up by the windows coming through last night.  Had a nice chat with N which help to settle my mind.
Bowling was dreadful, my body is very stiff and bowling was pants.  The league starts Thursday.  Due to steroids I am on, my fingers have swelled up and no longer fit my balls  :(

Today, I have done nothing, I should have done some UNI work.  Nothing done. 
Signing off now as I'm going to play on console for a while.  Back to hospital tomorrow morning....

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