Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Again haven't updated this.  It seems a bit daft sometimes to update when not a great deal is happening.  Thoughts are not of much significance when little is happening. 

Firstly will reflect my UFC Forecast Post.  Didn't do to well there, got three out of 7 bouts right.  Next event was worse, I predicted 2 out of 8.  I know nothing about this sport :)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Workshy fuckwits

I have been reading on a forum this morning about the unemployed. This is a subject I have great passion about so thought best blog it.  This is today's piss boiler.

There are two types of unemployed. One type is those who have health problems who are unable to work. These type of people generally dislike being unemployed and would do anything to try and get back to work.  These people I fully support and sympathise with.  After all I will end up as one of these.
The other type are the workshy lazy fuckwits whose job and career is to not work and take the piss out the state. They will do everything in their power not to work as they are better off on benefits so why should they work. 
A few years ago I was made redundant from a local technology company.  I was doing the job I loved in the company and industry I loved.  Then the decision came from the states to close down our office.  So was redundant.  I could have sat on my arse to claim benefits. I didn't. I went and spoke to every recruitment company in the industry.  I applied for some jobs 4 times.  I lost count how many jobs I applied for.  I got 3 interviews.  One I didn't have enough experience. One I was in the final two.  The other offered me the job.  This was 170 miles away from home.  I was going to accept this job but was negotiating to get the relocation allowance to be paid in digs as I knew I couldn't move there cause of my wife.  Fortunately just before I accepted the role the job where I was in the final two offered me the role. This was only 62 mile from home.  I gladly snapped their hand off. 
Mean while my father in law quit his job just before I was made redundant.  Told me I was lucky to get offered a job   he wouldn't get off his arse to find a job.  He wouldn't spend hours on the phone trying to speak to all the agency's.  A job was organised for him by my mother in law but he wouldn't go to it as a it was kids wages and b it was 10 mile away so to far.  I couldnt believe that he was telling me I was lucky.

Two years later I was redundant again.  He was still out of work.  I struggled to get any interviews. I was about to start looking for driving jobs or even stacking shelves  just to make sure I working.  He still wasn't working.  This was the time I said to my wife I wasn't sure I wanted to be with her. So a very stressful time.  Yet still managed to get a job.
During all of this I have been fighting cystic fibrosis. And had a cafe that failed. And was studying part time.

And people call me lucky .

With all the financial problems I have now from my marriage I would be better off if I didn't work.  Why do I still work?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UFC Forecasts

I have often enjoyed giving forecasts for oncoming UFC (ultimate Fighting Championships) events.  So Until I work out how to have a seperate page on my blog I am going to include my event forecasts.  However I won't include fights I have zero interest in.

So for UFC on FUEL TV 1

  • Jake Ellenberger  vs. Diego Sanchez - Ellenberger
  • Dave Herman  vs. Stefan Struve  - Struve
  • Ronny Markes  vs. Aaron Simpson   - Simpson
  • Philip De Fries  vs. Stipe Miocic - De Fries
  • T.J. Dillashaw  vs. Walel Watson - Dillashaw
  • John Albert  vs. Ivan Menjivar - Albert
  • Jonathan Brookins vs. Vagner Rocha - Rocha

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Computer Stuff

This blog is gonna have to include all sorts of stuff that I do, Not just CF.

So todays been mindful of computers.

I wiped my laptop last night with the intention of reinstalling everything and then upgrading to Windows 7 Professional.
So used the Dell recovery to wipe the current OS and re-install Windows 7 Home prof.
Then installed Office (making sure it was 64-bit version, previously only installed 32-bit version)
There is a website called  This is a fantastic resource.  When installing programs for the first time this app downloads the regular programs that you could use, and installs them with zero junk and requires no intervention.

Fantastic little tool.

back on topic, Got home from work today and started to install WIndows 7 prof.  but it can't be done from the current OS so I have to start all over again.


Saturday, February 04, 2012

Back to Work

Again....Oops.....  Been a while since I updated.

It has been about 3 weeks since my last blog post so what's been happening?

Again I have been getting Blu-Rays and keeping my LoveFilm account active. 

I had been getting extremely tired doing anything so whilst I knew my chest was better, I wasn't to sure about my general wellbeing.   So before going back to work I went to Autosport show with a mate.  It was a fantastic show and we saw lots.  Spoke to quite a few people.  Hopefully he will be racing in Ginetta's again this year, funds after his house build depending.  It will be a good time if we can.  If we can race again we should be competing for podiums.  I also booked tickets for LeMans (For my first time) and for Britcar again.  I was very tired after the show so zonked out.

also that weekend I finally paid my mom back the of the cash I owe her for the deposit on my car.  It was a relief to have that paid off.  She wasn't pressuring for it however did mention it a few times.

I had hassles from ex-wife as well.  Last time I heard from her I was very tired and I said no to taking her to the hospital and I refused to drop her money down to get a taxi.  She tried to bring up all the past of why we split up, and then accused me of seeing my friends niece, again.  I spoke to her aunt after cause she was threatening.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago she was on the phone.  Her car wouldn't start.  She said it had fuel and it was just turning over.  She kept implying that it was out of fuel.  I said I wasn't a mechanic and what can I do.  Again she started threatening.  She knows I have a flaw in my character that if I can help somebody I will and feel guilty if I can't.  She preys on this, knowing I will feel compelled to help somebody if I can.  So as she suggests that she is out of fuel I fill up a fuel can and go across with 1ltre of oil.  I did look for jump leads but I have non. 
I was very hesitant in helping her as I didn't really want her to see my new car, however that part is now gone.  So I get there she has no fuel and has flattened the battery trying to start it.  Her oil is low so I bung a litre of oil in (probably the wrong oil), tell her to get a oil change ASAP.   Drop the oil in and then have to take her over to get some jump leads from her aunt.  Jump the car and away.
Had the usual gush's about how fantastic her new fella is.  Me.... I just stay quiet.
Went home to bed!

Anyway, I returned back to work after having almost a month off sick.  I spoke to the health nurse at work upon my return and told her about being so tired, so fortunatly got a phased return back to work.   4 hours a day for week 1, 6 hours a day for week 2.  That is now.  So back to full time at work from Monday:(.  The way I feel currently I cannot see me staying at full time work this year.  I have raised it with the health nurse but off the record currently.

Finally UNI.  I had a uni assignment due this week on Tuesday.  I had been trying to get it done all month but couldn't face it.  Didn't know where to start so kept putting it off.  In the end had to spend all time the day before it was due, and got stuck.  Going in to UNI on the due date and speaking to a collegue meant I had been looking at thinsg wrong.  SO now handed in but 3 days late.  So capped at 40% for that assignment.

Oh yeah, changed my Blog layout now to include Twitter feed.  Very tired tied so off to bed now.