Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Ex Wife & Hospital Visiting

Another update for today. This may get a habit

My ex-wife started texting me today.  This is how the conversation went
Ew - Hi I am on ward one :(
Flibble - Oh dear.   hope your ok. And don't need to stay long.
Ew - No i am not ok, you know what I am like lol
Flibble - Hope you feel better soon
Ew - Hopefully got a bad rash from mophine x

Now from this you can see I was not particularly talkative.  i find that conversations with EW have a tendancy to either drop me into doodah, or she wants something, So I don't tend to trust.

Then this eveing
Ew - How you feeling?
Flibble - Ok thank you.  You feeling better?
Ew - No maybe going for operation tomorrow come and visit me x
Flibble - Would have thought your family would be there.  you don't want to see me.
Ew - Don't have family anymore

At this point I am getting concerned.  I don't wish her ill will but want as little communication as possible.
So 15 mins later
EW - Are you coming
Flibble - Where are you
EW - ward one.

So I meander on down to ward one.  I am concerned she may want money so leave wallet in my room.
When I get there she is lying in a side room looking very sorry for herself.  She is talking very quietly and obviously in some pain.
I make small talk, ask how things are.  She says her family don't want to know and she is always argueing with them. But her mom has been there twice today....  She asks me if I can fix her phone. (Screen smashed apparently)  More small talk, all about her and how bad it is for her.  She knows I have been in hospital since before Christmas, she asks one question and then starts talking about her new fella and them going for IVF.  I am careful not to say anything against him, her or family.  She then says that she hasn't got a change of clothes as her aunt was going to get her keys and get stuff for her. But hasn't turned up.  Then she drops the big one....

Can you get some stuff for me from home?

Now I know this is a fairly simple question.  But is it a good idea to go to somebody elses flat with their keys to go through her stuff and get bits for her?  If anything goes wrong in her life, I get the blame.
Background - a week before christmas I am extremely ill.  She gets a letter to house, So I call her to tell her.  She collects it, 20 mins later 1 rings me, it is a V5 document for her car from DVLA.  I have no idea what this about, its nothing to do with me. yet I get a bollocking.
So I don't want a bollocking for doing something I haven't done, so I tell her its not a good idea for me to go to flat.  She said 'its only this one little thing I'm asking'  Its not she keeps asking one little thing.  I need to say No to her.  Plus although I am ready to go home, I am not well enough to be doing errands for folk.  She tells me to Fuck off, So I wish her well in op tomorrow, get another Fuck off and i depart.
5 mins later I get a text - 'I wanted you to do one thing for me when I really needed you'  I ignore
5 mins further on I get a call.  'I wanted you to do one thing for me when I really needed you'  I explain that I am in hospital also, and not really well enough to do errands for people.  So she is in a mood with me.

If I had of done this for her, she would keep asking me whilst I'm in hospital, plus if anything was misplaced or moved for the next 6 months I would get the hassle from it.    Plus my blood sugars have been sky high today so have been shaking all evening.

Hey ho.

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