Thursday, February 09, 2012

Computer Stuff

This blog is gonna have to include all sorts of stuff that I do, Not just CF.

So todays been mindful of computers.

I wiped my laptop last night with the intention of reinstalling everything and then upgrading to Windows 7 Professional.
So used the Dell recovery to wipe the current OS and re-install Windows 7 Home prof.
Then installed Office (making sure it was 64-bit version, previously only installed 32-bit version)
There is a website called  This is a fantastic resource.  When installing programs for the first time this app downloads the regular programs that you could use, and installs them with zero junk and requires no intervention.

Fantastic little tool.

back on topic, Got home from work today and started to install WIndows 7 prof.  but it can't be done from the current OS so I have to start all over again.


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