Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wow. All change.

It had been an interesting time since last blog post.  It has been one month exactly and life has been transformed.

I originally started this blog as a type of therapy for the crap that was going on in life.  It felt like I had screwed up a relationship with a very close and dear friend, And I was trying to make sense of everything and find a life for me again.
Now when N had decided to take C (will now on be referred to as Fuckwit) over me she moved straight in to his, not officially as she had a flat but in reality she stayed there where She was controlled by a jealous twit.  This guy couldn't get over that she wanted to spend time with somebody else and only wanted to be with her when he thought she wouldn't devoted to him, and he was obsessed that the time that N & I spent together, and convinced himself it was an affair despite her not knowing that he was in a relationship with her.  So because of that Fuckwit spent far to much time obsessing about me.  He followed all my forum posts (I have joined many forums in the past), he followed me twitter and then he found out about my Blog and started reading my posts all the time (My blog views went through the roof), Fortunately my blog was telling me that most of my views where using an Android Phone from the Staffordshire region. Fuckwit was effectively cyber stalking me, unfortunately I found this rather comical that Fuckwits life was that sad he spent it obsessing about little me. Because of this and many other issues he drove N away.

After this she moved away from his and I was honoured that she valued me enough to be able to help her out.  She got out of his house and stayed at quite a few places.  This has meant that I have spent a lot more time with her.  I forgot how much I enjoy spending time with her.  Time is very easily spent with her.  I feel we have similar views and ideals.  This is nice.

Last week I helped N remove her property from Fuckwit's house, this has been put into storage until she can work out how life can move on.  Fortunately Fuckwit wasn't there, but his father was there.  He had made implicit instruction that I couldn't go into the house for some strange reason.  However as it was his property I respected that and stayed outside at all times.  His father was a nice guy, a shame that it will be unlikely I will speak to him again.  It made me chuckle that He commented that it was nice to meet me instead of the stories.  This implies that Fuckwit has made me out to be an ogre, however when you meet me you know me.  I don't hide behind any picture's or stories.

One big complication of her life with Fuckwit is that she fell pregnant with Fuckwit.  This has strange emotional feelings with me.  During my time with my ExWife she was desperate for children.  One problem with being a male living with Cystic Fibrosis is that Men are infertile.  The Sperm are there, just the pipe isn't there.  So we had enquired into IVF a few times.  This never came to fruition due to her excess weight.  However here was N, pregnant to a Fuckwit.  Unfortunately last week, N lost her baby at ~20 weeks.  She was a wreck and in extreme pain.  She told Fuckwit via text that she had lost the baby, his reply 'Thanks for letting me know'.  No, hope your OK., no asking if he can help, just a big fat nothing.  Shows that he never really cared for her and only wanted a possession.

Sad Times.

Also last week was my birthday, I had a wonderful meal out with friends the night before.  When I was with my ExWife I could have only relied upon one or two friends.  However for this birthday meal, I had 14 people out with me which was wonderful.  I have CF friends, Car friends and Work friends.  So it was quite difficult to balance the time across 3 distinct groups of friends.  However a nice night was had by all.

UNI wise I am still struggling.  I have spoken to my lecturers and hopefully I can get an extension for my project into the summer time will tell.

So to sum up, I have enjoyed spending more time with N again, realising that we are good friends and helping her to move onto the next stage in her life.  She is the most important person in my life.
Now is the time to go off bowling.

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  1. Me Flibbles, you are an amazing man. To be able to forgive and take in someone who hurt you as clearly as they did earlier in your blog is nothing short of amazing. I think the popularity your birthday party shows you clearly have, speaks volumes. I hope you can think on that in the dark times you frequently struggle with. May love and light be with you always.